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Seattle, WA installed Bike Racks to Deter Homeless Campers

Seattle, WA installed Bike Racks to Deter Homeless Campers
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Bike racks for cyclists or to keep vagrants out? Before Jeff Few remaining his Belltown townhouse for a two-day excursion for work in September, destitute campers routinely pitched tents on the walkway over the road. The territory was under the viaduct, close to an onramp, and infrequently utilized for bike parking. The purpose behind the vacant racks appeared glaringly evident to Few. "They fill no need other than apparently to dissuade the outdoors," he says. Messages between staff members in the Seattle Department of Transportation affirmed Few's theory.

Bike racks are for enhancing bike access to organizations and different goals, not for shaping a physical obstacle to our neighbors who are simply searching for a dry place to rest. The possibility that something this blog and numerous different supporters for bike get to have buckled down to get into theIf it were a fortuitous event that the new bike parking uprooted a few people outdoors, that may be a certain something. Be that as it may, the department concedes displacement was the reason. There is no goal close to this zone justifying that many bike parking spaces.

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