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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Hitch Racks

What hitch pin do I need to attach my rack to my vehicles receiver hitch?

What about hitch pins on older racks?

What’s the difference between the HR200 Trail Rider and HR1000Y Sport Rider?

What are the differences between the HR3000 and the HR3500 TRS (Tire Retention System) racks?

How is a recumbent spec Sport Rider different from a standard Sport Rider?

What size wheels are applicable for the small wheel holder?

Isn’t the HR1400Y just the same as an HR1450Y plus and HR1475Y?

What’s the difference between an “X” and a “Y” spec Sport Rider?

What rack do I need to mount a trike (tricycle) on a 1-1/4” receiver hitch?

Which padded hooks do I need for my old Sport Rider rack?

Can I mount an E-Bike rack if I have a 1-1/4” receiver hitch?

Do you have a rack for Fat Tire E-Bikes?

Do you have wheel/tire holders for fat bikes?

What does a receiver hitch “Class” mean?

How do I use the Hollywood Racks “No Wobble” system?

Do you have a rack with a ramp to load heavy bikes and E-Bikes?

What types of wheel holders do you have to fit Sport Rider racks?

Can I add the Cargo Carrier HR1485 or the HR1475Y add-on if I have 2 Electric bikes on your HR1450Y-E already?

I have a vehicle with a 1-1/4” Class 2 receiver hitch but I want to buy one of your racks that only comes in the 2” receiver size. Can I use an adapter to increase my effective receiver size to 2”?

Trunk Racks

Why is the F1B more expensive than the Express 3?

Do you have any trunk/hatch strap-on type racks for E-Bikes or do I have to get a receiver hitch to carry my electric bicycle?

Your Hollywood Racks weight limit per bike is 35 lb. on trunk racks, so is it okay to put two 50 lb. bikes on a three-bike rack (for example)?

Fit Questions

What is “wheelbase” and how do I measure it?

How do I attach the Tow 'N Go to my trailer?

Can I use the HR1485 Cargo Carrier with any Hollywood receiver rack?

Is the Fit Guide for receiver racks as well as trunk racks?

Why do you say Hollywood Racks are not to be used on trailers or trailered vehicles?

How can I fit the Hollywood SR1 Spare Tire Rack on an over-sized tire?

What do I do with all the extra strap length after I install a trunk rack?

Are Hollywood Boomer parts interchangeable with Bauer’s similar looking rack?

Can I update my old SR1 rack with the new support arms with cradles?

What is the lower support bar for on the Road Runners?

How can I easily remove old cradles and replace them with new cradles?

Do you have nuts only for the 970 and 915 - 9mm skewers?

What is the Safety Strap for?

Which of your racks will fit my car?


Where are your racks manufactured?

What local bike shop has the Hollywood Rack I’m looking for?

I lost my instruction sheet for my Hollywood Rack. How can I get another one?

I need keys, how do I order them?

How do I know how old my rack is?

Do you carry parts for old and discontinued Hollywood Racks?

My old Hollywood Rack is starting to rust. How should I treat this?

Does Hollywood have any racks for tandems?

How do I know if I need a Bike Adapter (BA-Pro) and how do I use it?

How do I find the serial number on my Hollywood Rack?

What are the differences between your racks?

Can I use a Hollywood Rack to carry a wheel-chair?


How much is shipping?

When will my order ship?


What credit cards do you accept?

Will you match prices for Hollywood Racks I have found on the Internet?

Return Policy & Warranty Policy

What is your warranty?

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