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Hitch Racks

What hitch pin do I need to attach my rack to my vehicles receiver hitch?
  • There are two types of hitch pins, Threaded or Smooth, available in standard or locking
  • Threaded hitch pins are the same size (1/2” x 13 Threads Per Inch) for 1-1/4” and 2” receiver racks. They are available in standard (provided with the rack) or locking (available from our website).
  • Smooth hitch pin is ½” diameter for 1-1/4” receiver racks and 5/8” diameter for 2” receiver racks.
  • All smooth hitch pins sold now are locking. Older racks using a smooth hitch pin had a hole at the end of the smooth hitch pin for a keyed padlock (also provided at that time).
Does a ½” x 13 TPI threaded hitch pin work on both 1-1/4” and 2” threaded receiver racks?


What about hitch pins on older racks?

Older threaded hitch pin racks (before 2004) use a ½ x 20 Threads Per Inch hitch pin. Visual Clue: Look at the 45-degree angle brace between the horizontal and vertical tubes that make up the receiver tube. If there is a small hole right in the middle of that brace, the rack is threaded ½ x 13. If there is no hole in the brace, the rack is threaded ½ x 20 Threads Per Inch.

What’s the difference between the HR200 Trail Rider and HR1000Y Sport Rider?

The difference is the direction (type) of fold. Both can be used on either a 1-1/4” or 2” receiver hitch.

  • On an HR200 Trail Rider the wheel/tire holder support arms fold up (vertically when the rack is not being used). The HR200 cannot fold horizontally.
  • On an HR1000Y the whole rack folds up horizontally (against the vehicle) or down horizontally to access the luggage compartment of the vehicle.
What are the differences between the HR3000 and the HR3500 TRS (Tire Retention System) racks?
  • The HR3000 can be fitted to either a 1-1/4” or 2” receiver hitch whereas the HR3500 will fit into a 2” receiver only.
  • The HR3500 comes with keyed alike locks to lock the rack to the vehicle and the bikes to the rack. The HR3000 does not come with locks (locks are available as an after-market accessories).
  • The HR3500 uses our patented “No Wobble” system to firmly attach the rack to the receiver hitch whereas the HR3000 uses a threaded hitch pin.
  • The HR3000 comes with silver wheel trays whereas the HR3500 comes with black wheel trays. Both are aluminum construction.
How is a recumbent spec Sport Rider different from a standard Sport Rider?
  • The wheel/tire holder support tubes are longer to support the longer wheelbase on most recumbents (up to 72”).
  • The wheel/tire holders are set further away from the support tubes (4” additional on each side) to provide room for the wider seats/saddles on most recumbents.
  • Because the wheel/tire holders are set further out, the padded hooks also extend an additional 4” on either side.
  • These recumbent rack differences are applicable to both the HR1000Y-R and HR1450Y-R racks.
What size wheels are applicable for the small wheel holder?

All bicycle wheels that are smaller than 20” outside diameter require small wheel holders to effectively reduce the functional length of the Sport & Trail riders wheel/tire holders.

Isn’t the HR1400Y just the same as an HR1450Y plus and HR1475Y?

The HR1400Y and the HR1450Y + HR1475Y combination are exactly the same in terms of what you get. The HR1400Y is for those who know they want a four-bike rack.

The combination HR1450Y + HR1475Y option are for those who know they want a two-bike rack now but might want to add an additional two bike capacity, sometime in the future. Which should I buy? The 1400 is the less expensive option since there is only one box (with packing material) instead of two. However, if you only need 2 bike capacity, the HR1450Y is the way to go!

What’s the difference between an “X” and a “Y” spec Sport Rider?

These are production run alpha codes. “X” is the older style applicable to Sport Rider and Trail Rider racks whereas “Y” is the newest and current spec. These alpha codes are used after a rack’s part number, i.e. HR1400Y

What rack do I need to mount a trike (tricycle) on a 1-1/4” receiver hitch?

If you are mounting one recumbent trike only, you can use the HR1000Y-R as the base rack plus a Trike Adapter 1 on your Class 2 1-1/4” receiver hitch. If you want to carry a trike plus a two-wheel bike you will need a 2" receiver.

Which padded hooks do I need for my old Sport Rider rack?

That depends on the generation of your rack:

  • The first Hollywood Sport Rider rack hooks used a square vertical mast and quick-release levers to attach the padded hooks to the mast. These (quick release) padded hooks are no longer available.
  • The second generation used the same square vertical mast as the first generation but used friction knobs to secure the padded hooks to the vertical mast. These (friction) padded hooks are no longer available. It is possible to buy a round vertical tube (mast) and 2 Precision Slide hooks to convert your rack to present spec.
  • The third generation used a square vertical mast with corner indentations and ratcheting padded hooks. These are no longer available.
  • The fourth (current) generation uses a round vertical mast and Precision Slide padded hooks. These are still available. These are available for standard spec. or (see below) recumbent spec.
Can I mount an E-Bike rack if I have a 1-1/4” receiver hitch?

Yes, we have a special receiver tube for mounting our rack for E-Bikes on a 1-1/4” receiver hitch. This makes the rack designation HR1460Y-E. The 1-1/4” receiver tube is reinforced such that the No Wobble System cannot be used. Therefore, the HR1460Y-E uses a threaded hitch pin and a Locking Threaded Hitch Pin with keyed alike locking cable. The 1-1/4” receiver hitch must be Class 2. You may email us a photo of your vehicles receiver hitch if you’re not sure what Class it is.

Do you have a rack for Fat Tire E-Bikes?

Yes, the HR1455Y-E is for FAT tire E-bikes while the HR1450Y-E is for standard (up to 3”) tire equipped E-Bikes. If you have one FAT and one standard tire bike, the rack is HR1450Y-E-F1 and comes with FAT wheel/tire holders on one side and standard wheel/tire holders on the other side.

What does a receiver hitch “Class” mean?

The Class essentially tells you how strong the receiver hitch is, i.e. how much weight will it safely carry. Class one will support 200 lbs., Class 2 will support 300 lbs. and Class 3 will support 600 lbs. (bikes plus rack weight). We recommend Class 2 minimum for 1-1/4” receiver hitches and Class 3 minimum for 2” receiver hitches.

How do I use the Hollywood Racks “No Wobble” system?

Before you install the rack in your vehicle’s receiver hitch take a look at the hitch pin hole in the rack’s receiver tube. You will see a black or silver “Loop” at the very front end of the No Wobble Bolt. It is essential that, when you have the rack installed on the receiver, you place the hitch pin through that loop. If you No Wobble system is not working, most likely you have missed the loop. When the hitch pin is properly installed (through the loop) you may tighten the No Wobble system by turning the lever on the back of the receiver tube in a clockwise direction to snug it up. Try to finish tightening the lever such that the lever does not end up facing down. No Wobble levers that end up facing down are vulnerable when driving up or down steep driveways.

Check out this video to learn more:

Do you have a rack with a ramp to load heavy bikes and E-Bikes?

No, not at this time. We are working on a potential rack model that will have a ramp, but at this time we do not.

What types of wheel holders do you have to fit Sport Rider racks?

We have four different types for different bicycle tire sizes and types. All fit on our 1-1/4” x 1-1/4” wheel holder support tubes. All are available in both right and left side configurations, or available in pairs:

  • Standard wheel holders as used on the Trail Rider and Sport Rider racks and fit up to 3” wide tires.
  • Recumbent spec wheel/tire holders are set out 4” further from the wheel holder support tubes for clearance on recumbent seats/saddles which are much wider than standard bike saddles. Recumbent wheel holders fit tires up to 3” wide.
  • FAT tire wheel/tire holders are for FAT bikes and hold tires up to 5” in width. They are also now reinforced to be strong enough for Electric FAT bikes.
  • Standard (size) wheel/tire holders reinforced for Electric Bikes with 3” (or less) tire width.

Can I add the Cargo Carrier HR1485 or the HR1475Y add-on if I have 2 Electric bikes on your HR1450Y-E already?

Yes, but only if the total bikes plus racks, plus cargo is under 200 lbs. and E-Bikes are mounted closest to vehicle.

I have a vehicle with a 1-1/4” Class 2 receiver hitch but I want to buy one of your racks that only comes in the 2” receiver size. Can I use an adapter to increase my effective receiver size to 2”?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: The reason a 2” receiver hitch is recommended is because it is stronger than a 1-1/4”. If you put an adapter on a 1-1/4” the extra length actually makes the 1-1/4” receiver hitch weaker, i.e. less able to support the weight (and additional leverage) of a 2” spec rack. So . . . Don’t do it!

Trunk Racks

Why is the F1B more expensive than the Express 3?

I mean, hey, the Express has cradles for the bikes, it has hubs for adjustment and it has six straps instead of four to hold the rack to the vehicle so how can the very simple looking F1B cost more? Really, it all comes down to manufacturing cost, which is less for the Express than it is for the F1B. The reason is the lower brace that’s welded onto the frame of the F1B. That welding cost off-sets all the additional features of the Express (where no welding is required in manufacturing.

Do you have any trunk/hatch strap-on type racks for E-Bikes or do I have to get a receiver hitch to carry my electric bicycle?

No, none of our trunk/hatch type racks are approved for use with an electric bike. We do have some receiver hitch racks approved for use with electric bikes.

Your Hollywood Racks weight limit per bike is 35 lb. on trunk racks, so is it okay to put two 50 lb. bikes on a three-bike rack (for example)?

No, the weight limits are strictly assigned on a per bike basis. The F4, for example can carry four 35 lb. bikes distributed evenly over its support arms but cannot safely carry one 80 lb. bike.

Parking Racks

What are the assembled dimensions of the PS6 Bike Valet?

35” long x 28” wide x 26” high

Fit Questions

What is “wheelbase” and how do I measure it?

Wheelbase is the distance between the center of the front hub to the center of the rear hub, or from where the front tire touches the ground to where the rear tire touches the ground.

How do I attach the Tow 'N Go to my trailer?

The Tow 'N Go doesn’t mount to the trailer, it mounts to the draw bar (stinger). The inside measurement of the Tow 'N Go square attachment is 2” x 2” so it slides over the draw bar (uses 3” of draw bar space) and attaches in place with four allen lock bolts.

Can I use the HR1485 Cargo Carrier with any Hollywood receiver rack?

The HR1485 Cargo Carrier can be attached to the HR1450Y, HR1450Y-R, HR1455Y-E and HR1450Y-E. But, when used with any of the bike racks, total load (bikes, cargo, plus rack) should not exceed 200 lbs.

Can it be used by itself? Yes, the HR1485 comes with an adapter so it can be used directly on a 2” receiver hitch, however, it does not fold when used by itself.

Is the Fit Guide for receiver racks as well as trunk racks?

The Fit Guide is for trunk (strap on) racks, not receiver hitch racks. If no trunk rack is applicable for given car/truck/SUV then a receiver rack will be recommended as the only alternative.

Why do you say Hollywood Racks are not to be used on trailers or trailered vehicles?

Any trailer or trailered vehicle (including 5th wheel type) has a slight side to side motion that's very low frequency (1 to 1-1/2 times per second) that fatigues the steel from which the racks are manufactured. 
The fatigue first happens at a molecular level, but eventually (several thousands of cycles later) a visible crack will appear.  Once the crack has formed, it will enlarge, finally to the point where the rack drops off the vehicle and the rack (and bikes) impact the roadway.
This is also a dangerous situation for whoever may be following the trailer on the highway. 
We have seen 100+ incidents where the consumers/end user has not taken this advice and suffered disastrous results. 
We've even had phone calls from consumers who said they read that advice (do not use on a trailer) and ignored it, only to discover a tragic end result. 
So . . . don't do it.  If you insist on doing it regardless of the above, please use some other companies’ rack. 

How can I fit the Hollywood SR1 Spare Tire Rack on an over-sized tire?

Yes! We have a Special “Extra Large Spare Tire Kit.” Please phone us at 1-800-747-4085 to order. It’s $10.00 with free shipping within the continental U.S. The Extra Large Spare Tire kit contains two longer bolts for the rear brace, a longer semi-circumferential strap and two rubber bumpers to keep the rack from hitting on the rim of your wheel.

What do I do with all the extra strap length after I install a trunk rack?

We have some handy little micro-straps called Strap-Wraps which are little Velcro straps perfect for securing all that extra strap length. You roll them up from the end of the strap, rolling toward the rack. You may order them from our website (Part No. STWRAP)

Are Hollywood Boomer parts interchangeable with Bauer’s similar looking rack?

No. The Bauer Rack and the (discontinued) Hollywood Boomer rack look similar but none of the parts are interchangeable.

Can I update my old SR1 rack with the new support arms with cradles?

Yes, but you will have to buy new support arms as well. Please see SR1 Replacement Parts on our website.

What is the lower support bar for on the Road Runners?

The lower support bar is used, along with 86” straps supplied with the rack, to reduce the sway of the bikes under acceleration or braking of the vehicle. The straps go through the frame and wheels of each bike, through the eyelets on the top of the support bar, then through the buckle sewn onto the end of the 86” straps.

How can I easily remove old cradles and replace them with new cradles?

The cradles are “friction fit” on the support arms so to remove them you should “bleed’ some warm soapy water under them. Pour some warm soapy water on the cradles and support arms, then wiggle the cradles as much as possible so the soapy water will “bleed” between the cradle and the support arm. Once some soapy water gets in there, the cradles will be easy wiggle off the support arms. Use the same method when installing the new cradles. Do not use any petroleum based lubricants on the cradles (or they will slide around forever!).

Do you have nuts only for the 970 and 915 - 9mm skewers?

Yes, the nuts are available and sell for $5.00 each plus shipping (and tax if we're shipping to an address in California).

What is the Safety Strap for?

The Safety Strap is sewn onto Hollywood Racks on the upper rack frame tubes, is 86” long and incorporates a plastic buckle.

How do I use it? Thread the long end of the Safety Strap though the wheels and frames of all the bicycles on the rack, then thread it through the plastic buckle (through the center slot first, then out the outer slot; then snug up the strap in the buckle.

Which of your racks will fit my car?

Please click on the Fit Guide tab on our website. You can enter the make, model and year of your vehicle and our Fit Guide will advise which of our racks will fit your vehicle.


Where are your racks manufactured?

We have two factories, one in Taiwan and one in China. If you would like to know where your rack was manufactured, please advise the serial number and we can tell you. Before 2004, all Hollywood Racks were made in the United States.

What local bike shop has the Hollywood Rack I’m looking for?

Please click on the “Dealer Search” tab on our website. When you do, fill in your zip code in the space provided. The dealers listed have a history of carrying Hollywood Racks, however, they may or may not have in stock the specific rack you are seeking. Most will be happy to order the rack you need if they don’t have it in stock when you call.

I lost my instruction sheet for my Hollywood Rack. How can I get another one?

We have instruction sheets for all of our current racks and most of the discontinued racks available from our website. You can read the instruction sheet off our website or you may print it.

For current racks simply click on the model rack you have. Then on right side of the page, click on "Installation" - then click on "Installation Instructions"

For discontinued racks follow this link:

I need keys, how do I order them?

* * If your rack came with keys please keep in mind that the Locking Hitch Pin and Cable are keyed alike, so your rack would have come with 4 of the exact same key. * *

How can I get replacement keys if I lost mine?

We have replacement keys for about 85% if all the key numbers issued. Please phone or email us with your key number and we will check to see if we have those keys and advise. Keys are $5.00 per pair plus shipping.

What if I don’t know my key number?

If you don’t know your key number, we do have key blanks that you can take to your local locksmith to have keys made to fit your locks. Blanks are $5.00 per pair plus shipping.

Can I get a new hitch pin that matches my old keys?

No, sorry, we don’t have that capability. Our locks come to us in large cartons, unmarked regarding what lock numbers are inside. I would take a lot of time to look through all the locks seeking a certain number; and still, we may not find it.

Call us at 1.800.747.4085 or email us at Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm PST

How do I know how old my rack is?

Please email a few photos of your rack to:info@hollywoodracks.comand we can approximate your racks age based on the photo images.

Do you carry parts for old and discontinued Hollywood Racks?

We carry some parts for discontinued racks but not all. Please contact us by phone or email with your rack parts needs and we will try to find what you need.

Call us at 1.800.747.4085 or email us at Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm PST

My old Hollywood Rack is starting to rust. How should I treat this?

Hollywood Racks are mostly made of steel so for rust on old racks, first sand off the surface rust completely then spray with flat black Rust-Oleum paint.

Does Hollywood have any racks for tandems?

No, sorry, no racks for tandems. If your tandem is relatively short wheelbase (72” or less) then it may be mounted on our Sport Rider Recumbent Spec racks (HR1000Y-R or HR1450Y-R). You should also be aware that a tandem may extend out beyond the legal limit (measured as inches beyond your side-view mirrors. State laws vary, so please check with your state DMV. That makes the “Final Answer”: Maybe, but probably not.

How do I know if I need a Bike Adapter (BA-Pro) and how do I use it?

There are two possible applications for the BA-Pro (top tube adapter) with different types of Hollywood Racks:

  • If you have a rack where the bikes hang from support arms (trunk rack, Road Runner or Traveler hitch rack) and your bike is a traditional “Ladies” or “Step-Through” frame design.
  • If you have a rack where the bikes sit into wheel/tire holders and your bike is a traditional “Ladies” or “Step-Through” frame design.
  • To use the BA-Pro, attach one end to the vertical part of the bicycle stem and the other end to the seat-post. When you mount the bike on a “support arm” or cradle, the BA-Pro will rise to just under the handlebars and just under the saddle.
  • To use the BA-Pro on a platform type rack (Sport Rider) attach one end to the vertical part of the bicycle stem and the other end to the seat-post. The padded hook will be pushing down on the BA-Pro, so it will “fall” (be pressed) to the lowest point on the stem and seat-post.
How do I find the serial number on my Hollywood Rack?

The serial number will be on a small silver sticker (1-1/2” x ¾”) on the main frame of the rack. The serial number will be in black block letters/numbers on this sticker. Most often, the serial number sticker is on the main frame of the rack in question but the exact location varies by rack model.

What are the differences between your racks?

There are basically four types of racks; trunk racks (attach with straps), receiver hitch racks (attach to a receiver hitch), spare tire racks (attach to externally mounted spare tires) and Parking Racks.

Please click here for a Rack Comparison:

Can I use a Hollywood Rack to carry a wheel-chair?

Maybe. We have had consumers tell us that they have used our trunk racks to carry wheel-chairs (non-motorized type) but our racks were not designed to carry wheelchairs so if you do so, it is at your own risk.

Where do I register my new rack?


How much is shipping?

Most small, light parts are shipped out using USPS Priority Mail at $7.20 per shipment. Very small parts can be shipped USPS First Class Mail at $2.77. UPS Shipping is determined by three variables:

When will my order ship?

We ship orders Monday - Friday.

Postal shipping orders that arrive by 9:00 AM (Pacific Time) should ship the same day. UPS orders that arrive by noon should ship the same day. Orders arriving later will ship the following business day.

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What credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Will you match prices for Hollywood Racks I have found on the Internet?

No. We sell our racks at the MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) only. You will also have to pay shipping and tax if we’re shipping to an address in California.

Return Policy & Warranty Policy

What is your warranty?

Basically, it’s a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. What that means is, we will cover any problem/issue due to the way the rack was manufactured or the material we selected to build the rack. For a complete warranty please click on this link:

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