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When we began making trunk-mounted racks in the back of our bike shop in Hollywood, California. Our aim was simple: We wanted to make good quality products that were easy to use and came fully assembled. We earned a great reputation fast and soon began selling our racks to other bike shops throughout California.

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Hitch Mounts: Almost any vehicle can be fitted with a trailer hitch.
Hollywood hitch racks fit either 1-1/4" (class II) or 2" (class III)
square receiver sizes. Please have the correct size professionally
installed on your vehicle.

Vehicles with Externally Mounted Spare Tires:
Use model SR-1, or a hitch mounted rack.

Pickup Trucks: Use model 900, 970, or a hitch mount.

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bicycle Rack Tips & Tricks

Hi and welcome to Hollywood Racks! We're going to discuss the many different ways of transporting your bicycle carrier, for example, there are hitch mounted, tire mounted and trunk mounted carriers. To use a hitch mounted rack you must install a hitch on your car, with a hitch rack you can simply carry 3 to 5 and sometimes even 6 cycles with a hitch rack, bare in mind the rack doesn't need to remain on your car constantly, and its extremely easy to take off and store in your garage. With a truck mounted rack, the rack will sit on the rear of your car and will allow for the transporting of two or more cycles easily, safely and securely. However, if you have a jeep or a vehicle that has a spare tire on the rear of the vehicle, then you can simply use a spare tire rack, and thus you can use your hitch for a trailer instead.

Bicycle Racks, cycle Carriers and Cycle Rack Accessories

Trailer Hitch Receiver Mount Bicycle Carriers and bicycle racks. Trailer Hitch Receiver Mounted Bicycle Carriers and bicycle racks from Hollywood Racks. Platform Style Trailer Hitch Mount bicycle racks Bicycle Carriers. Platform Style Trailer Hitch bicycle racks Bicycle Carriers are some of the most convenient bicycle carriers available. With their low height clearance and wide spacing between trays, most cycles can be loaded and unloaded in seconds.

Basic platform bicycle racks. Sports Gear Storage Racks for Bicycles, Skis, Kayaks, cycles, Snowboards, Canoes. Hollywood stocks a variety of sports gear storage racks and hangers to keep your cycles, kayaks, canoes, skis, windsurfers, surfboards, SUPs and other sports gear off the floor, organized and tidy. Spare Tire Mounted Bicycle Carriers and bicycle racks Spare Tire Mounted Bicycle Racks and cycle Carriers are rugged, easy to use, lockable, and available with several convenient features. stocks all Spare Tire Mounted Bicycle Racks and cycle Carriers. Roof Mount cycle Carriers are available in two basic configurations. Fork Mount of the front wheel is removed and cycle is held in place by front fork and Upright Mount, however both wheels should remain on and cycle is held in place by frame or wheels. On Hitch bicycle racks, cycles usually hang by the top crossbar. However, on some Hitch Racks cycles stand upright in wheel trays.

Our Trunk and Hitch Mount Racks usually fasten in place with rubber coated metal hooks and nylon or steel straps. cycles usually hang in a manner similar to the hitch racks. Spare Tire bicycle racks from Hollywood fasten to attachment plates that are pre-installed on the lug pattern behind the rear spare tire racks.

Pickup Truck bicycle racks Pickup Truck Bicycle Carriers, bicycle racks, Cycle Mounts for Pickup Truck Beds, Mounts Pickup Truck bicycle racks and Bicycle Carriers are available in a variety of configurations to securely carry your cycles and other gear in or on the bed of your pickup truck. We also offer 1, 2, 3 and 4 bicycle trunk mounted bicycle racks that are sturdy, economical and easy to use. Loading bicycles on a rear mounted rack is much easier that lifting them onto your car roof rack.

For your car roof rack, we offer front fork mounted bicycle racks, upright bicycle carriers, wheel carriers and much more. Fork Mounted cycle Carriers require you to remove your front wheel and connect the cycle to the carrier by the front fork. Upright cycle Mounts allow you to keep both wheels on and attach your cycle by the frame or tire.

Moreover, when you're finished using a Trunk or Hitch Mounted Bicycle Carrier, just easily loosen the straps, remove the rack and stow it. Strap on bicycle racks are ideal for the occasional user. Trunk and Hitch Mounted Bicycle Carriers and bicycle racks for you car or suv's Trunk and Hitch Mounted Bicycle Carriers and bicycle racks from Hollywood Racks. Hollywood stocks Car Roof bicycle racks Bicycle Carriers,
Trailer Hitch Receiver bicycle racks Bicycle Carriers, Rear Trunk and Hatch bicycle racks Bicycle Carriers, Spare Tire bicycle racks Bicycle Carriers, Pickup Truck bicycle racks Bicycle Carriers, and Bicycle cycle Storage Racks for garages, dorms, basements, and so much more.

Best Car Bike Racks

Shop for the best bike racks for home and outdoor use. Buy hollywood racks f1b the original 3-bike trunk mount rack, or buy hollywood racks f4 heavy duty 4-bike trunk mount rack for your family sedan. Read expert reviews this bike rack is the envy of all of our biking friends we unload
and load in a fraction of the time it takes them the bikes are rock-solid on the rack and the fact that you can lock both the rack and the bicycles in the rack is awesome it folds up while attached to the car to a minimal profile and is super easy to attach to the car
it has really been that fantastic the ability to fold inward to a low profile and outward to allow access to the back hatch is fantastic all of our biking friends envy this bicycle rack and say this will be the next rack the purchase you cant go wrong with this rack. buy a SportRider
deluxe 4-bike hitch mounted bike rack and dont pay more to carry bikes this is all you need. I recently used this rack on my toyota venza during a a long cross country trip and it performed flawlessly with zero noise. I frequently forgot it was hanging off the back of the car there was no side-to-side movement
and very little bounce over rough roads using the supplied anti-wobble bolt the locking pins for tilt and folding are solid and very easy to use since the whole assembly tilts backward accessing the tailgate was painless the frame holders are flexible and rotate which makes securing odd-shaped frames less difficult the
straps are sturdy and have sealedmelted ends to prevent fraying. Buy the new TRS hitch mounted bike rack. review: wow this is a steal i cannot believe the incredible quality of this bike rack for the cost i am so thankful that Hollywood Racks makes such quality equipment for such reasonable prices for starters this rack
was incredibly easy to assemble and only required two wrenches all the components have a very high-quality sturdy feel to them i have a one-and-a-quarter-inch hitch and it fit beautifully once the bolts were tightened in place the rack stayed secure in my hitch with hardly any jostle at all i have been able to safely and
securely transport my bicycle all over even driving 75-mph on the highways and rough country roads and this rack is the real deal. So do yourself a favor and buy yours today so you can get out on the trail. I just love this hitch bike rack this is solid as a rock hitch goes in easy locks and never loosens over a four-day bike
trip love the tilt feature to get in my highlander very smart idea putting your bike on with three ratchet clips is so fast and holds your bikes tight on highways and in high winds worth every penny to keep my bikes and suv safe and worry-free. Buy best car bike racks. Frontloader bike mount these are outstanding i was very impressed
with the quality of the product the clarity of the labeling on the rack itself the instructions and the cleverness of the overall design it made for a flawless unboxing installation and first use i wish every product could deliver that same experience. I can't say enough good things about this product I've been using HollywoodRacks products
since 2001 and I've never been disappointed this is a solid well-engineered stylish cycling rack at a price point I have put thousands of highway miles on my Trail Rider carrying both road bikes and mountain bikes without incident carrying bikes on top of the car in my opinion is the best way to carry a bike no scratches on the car and no
scratches on the bike. Hoowever, if you are worried about fuel economy, than a trunk or hitch mount bike carrer and rack are your best bet. I would recommend to all my cycling buddies.

Buy the best bike racks for your car, from truck-mount to hitch-mount, to spare tire options from hollywood racks.

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