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Before you buy a hitch-mounted bike rack, you'll need to know if it will fit the hitch on your vehicle. Most hitches have a 2" x 2" or 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" receiver opening. If the opening of your vehicle's hitch is 2" x 2", any bike rack made for this opening size will fit. The absolute best hitch bike racks makes it easy to explore faraway places with your bike. A hitch bike rack is a bike rack that slides into the receiver tube of a trailer hitch on a car, truck, or SUV. This type of rack has some advantages over roof- and trunk-mounted bike racks, such as being available in a large variety of styles.. sure makes it easy to load and unload bikes for both men and women cyclists. So, if you got a 4x4 with a spare wheel on the back, you normally can't fit a rear mounted bike rack, so your only solution might be a Spare Tire Rack. Spare wheel mounted cycle carriers on the other hand, attach to the wheel instead, so you can carry your bikes without the need of a tow bar. No need to fit a tow bar or the need for any annoying roof bars.  

Bike racks generally fall into these categories: