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Hitch Mount Bike Racks – This type of rack needs a trailer hitch receiver, if your vehicle doesn’t have one installed already the cost of installation will be around $120 to $195. There are two sizes of hitch receiver (1.25-inch & 2-inch) for different trailer capacities. 1 to 5 bikes can be transported with ease. Make sure your consider models that tilt or swing away from the tailgate to allow access into the rear of your vehicle even when fully loaded with bikes. Loading bikes at the back of the vehicle is the easiest location.

Spare Tire Bike Racks – The same principals apply as with the trunk mounted rack. All the same benefits and things to look out for. This type of bike rack can carry from 1 to 4 bikes. There are two ways to mount a spare tire rack. Straps around the spare tire, which is dependent upon the effectiveness of the particular system or alternatively bolted to a receiver that is sited behind the spare wheel. This provides a more reliable fixing as long as the fitting is compatible with your spare tire.

Trunk Mount Bike Racks – Relatively speaking this can be a lower cost option with cheaper entry racks, however, cheap entry models can be fraught with danger. Good quality racks with proven safe ratings is in our opinion the way to look at this type of rack. A trunk rack should be easy to install and uninstall. Being sited at the back of the vehicle is the easiest location to load and unload your bikes.

Truck Bed Bike Racks – Stops your gear sliding around in the back of the truck, there is a big difference between how difficult these racks are to install depending on which model you choose. Some require drilling and others have more innovative anchor systems that are easy to install and uninstall. There are two styles of bike loading with these racks front fork attachment which require the front wheel being removed and upright loading where the front wheel stays attached to the bike.

Roof Mount Bike Racks – A base roof rack or cross bars are necessary for the bike rack to mount onto and this can cost anything from $200 to $450 if your vehicle doesn’t already have one. Each bike is loaded onto its own roof mounted rack. There are two different types of roof mount racks, which load the bicycle onto the roof in a different way, first, front fork mounted with the front wheel removed, and second, an upright style with the front wheel still in place. Hauling a bike onto the roof can be tricky and more difficult.