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Safety LED Light Bar Frequently Asked Questions


Why does the light bar flash amber before brakes lights come on?

The Light Bar is a digital, LED system and does not use lamps as typical trailer lights do. As a four-wire system, the brakes and emergency (double flash lights) share the turn signal wires. The computer chip needs to differentiate between the brake and emergency flashers. So, when the brakes are applied, that one amber flash is the electronic pulse that determines whether it should be a brake or an emergency light.


Why is there no reverse lights? 

This is a 4-wire system, reverse requires a 5th wire


Can reverse lights be added? 

No, they can not


Why is the 12Volts DC +/-15% critical to the light bar functioning?

As the Light Bar uses LEDs and a computer chip, correct input power is required. Most vehicles fall within this range, and it can easily be tested with a simple volt meter.


Can the light bar work with a 5-pin flat (vehicle side) connector?

Only if the reverse function of the 5-pin flat is in the bottom position, and the connector is wired correctly.


Can the light bar be “hard wired” to the vehicle?

No. This would void the warranty as the connector would have to be cut off or spliced.


Why are my Trailer lamp-out sensors being displayed?

This occurs when the sensor is looking for more electrical current than what the LED Bar is drawing. A work-around to remove the warning light is to use a special 7-way round to 5 pin/4 pin flat adapter. We recommend #20141 from


Why are my turn signals flashing faster than usual?

If your turn signals are flashing faster than usual after installing the LED Bar, you may get a warning light on your dashboard that you have a bulb not functioning. Disconnect the LED Bar and check with your vehicle manufacturer or return the LED Bar.


Why are there two buckles on one end of the strap and only one on the other end?

This is to allow for easy removal of the strap from the clear PVC housing when the light bar is bolted to the rack.


Which bike racks can the light bar be bolted to?

The light bar includes clamps to attach it to the Hollywood Racks models HR1500/1560, HR1700, HR200, HR1400, HR1450 and HR4500 (HR4500 Requires adapter). It can also be attached to other bike racks that use a 1.25” (31.8mm) square wheel holder tube. We have no information about other specific brands, but some do use a 30mm square tube so you will need to measure the tube carefully.


Can the Light Bar can be used when the rack is folded flat against the vehicle?

Yes, simply loosen the knobs and Velcro straps and rotate the Light Bar so it is facing rearwards. Tighten knobs and straps after rotating LED Bar.