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Climb any Hill Anywhere with a Ford Go E-Bike

Climb any Hill Anywhere with a Ford Go E-Bike

The Ford e bike is pretty heavy at around 65 pounds, yet once you're in the saddle and going up to 18 miles per hour up a hill, it seems as though you won't even notice you are on an e-bike. Motivate estimates that these e-bikes will keep going around 25 miles on a single charge. The 345 Wh Lithium-particle battery comes with a large show screen telling you what number of bars of battery are left and in addition your speed.

Like the conventional bicycles, the Go Plus e-bikes can be picked up through the application and are included in the same membership designs, like a yearly $149 design or $10-day pass. For the new e-bike's presentation, single rides are $2 instead of $3 temporarily.

Simply remember you're still on a bicycle.. even in the event that it feels like you can take on the autos as you zoom through movement.




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