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what is a hollywood rack

A Hollywood Rack, is a bike rack, and Hollywood Rack's number one priority is safety for you and your vehicle. Our trunk rack fit guide ensures your trunk rack fits your car trunk as safely and securely as possible. Where as our hitch bike rack selection covers all that you need no matter what type of bike you might have, especially if you need room for 2 or 5 bikes at a time. We also provide high-quality Spare Tire racks for Jeep's and SUV's. Bike parking racks are prefect for parks, schools, buildings and even in your garage.

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Wildfires are affecting the states of Washington, Oregon, and our home state of California. In an effort to create awareness and inject money into the fire departments, Hollywood Racks have created a Limited Edition Riders X Firefighters T-Shirt. With each T-Shirt purchase you’ll be supporting our brave men and women in this tough battle against wildfires. Make a difference today.