Universal E-Bike Wheel Holder Set

Sku: HR1450Z-E-F1


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Set of heavy duty wheel holders for E-Bikes and regular bikes for tires up to 5" wide. * * * Now with ratchet straps and rim protectors * * * 

  • Comes stock on Sport Rider E-Bike rack: HR1500 and HR1700
  • These wheel holders are punched all the way through, and include welded gusset to support heavier bicycles 
  • Includes extra-long ratchet wheel straps: Total length 17.5" (11.5" of ratchet notches)
  • Wheel holder brace is 1.25 round tubing and is 7" long
  • These wheel holders sets will hold bicycles up to 80 lbs. but, only if they are used on the HR1450Z-E, HR1455Z-E, HR1500 or HR1700 racks
  • These wheel holders now come with the lower profile adjustment knob, KNBRV . 
  • For bikes with 20" rear wheels you will need a Small Wheel Adapter to prevent derailleur hanger interference: SW-ADP-U

  • This product is for use with bicycles only. Do not use on mopeds or motorcycles.

Need just one side? Left side: FT-L Right side: FT-R


Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews

Totally fulfilled my needs

Oliver Biggers
Tire holders

System is heavy but was secure and worked well.

John Radscheid
Completely satisfied, as usual!

The wheel holder set arrived in good condition, on time, and exactly as was needed to my hitch rack.

Garry Flynn
fat tire rack conversion

Great rack. Everything fit and you guys made sure I got the right frame hooks after I ordered the wrong one. Thank you!

Lisa Wrobel
Perfect for my Lectric fat tire bike

The universal e-bike wheel holder fits my fat tire Letric bike perfectly. When I bought the rake, it only came with the regular wheel holder, which was about 1/2" too small to set the wheels in. So, I had to spend an additional $200 (I have a two bike rack) for 4 universal wheel holders. I wish I had the option to pick which wheel holders when I got the rack. It's my only complaint! The products from Hollywood Racks are very good quality and the customer service is excellent!


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