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Halloween may have just passed us by, but according to the rules of Target stores and radio stations everywhere, the holidays are officially here. And while some people may still wait another month and a half before they even start thinking about gift shopping, we are all for the early birds who think ahead (and avoid that stressful rush to the mall for the most overwhelming experience of your life). So here’s to you early shoppers — may we be you, may we support you, and may we help you find the best bike-themed gifts for all of the riders in your life. 

The families looking for fun

Family friends are the best, but when it comes to holiday gifting, they always leave us stumped. Do we have to buy something different for everyone? And more importantly, do we have to pretend like we know what kids these days are interested in? Well, wonder no longer, because this is exactly why our new go-to family gift is the Destination Bike Rack. This lightweight bike hitch rack is super easy to install and use, making it perfect for even the most novice bikers. It holds up to 4 bikes, so you can feel like a real-life Santa for hand-delivering the best memories to the families in your life (or at least, that’s what we like to tell ourselves).

Hitch Bike Rack for four bikes


The sightseers

Some of our favorite people are the RVers in our lives, and we want to make sure to gift them accordingly. Maybe it’s because we wish we were them and maybe because we want them to bring us on their next trip, who’s to say. But either way, with the RV Rider bike rack, you can make sure that every vacation they take will be the best one yet. This bike rack holds up to 2 E-bikes and connects to any RV motorhome, 5th-wheel or, flat-towed vehicle.


The leisurely speed demons

Electric bikes are the perfect option for your loved ones who want to go as fast as possible, while also taking it easy on the ride. And when it comes to finding the perfect gift for the electric biker, what better way than to make it easy for them to bring their prized bike with them wherever they go. The Sport Rider SE Hitch Bike Rack will quickly become their favorite gift of the season — it holds up to 2 electric bikes or standard bikes, and can even fold up when they aren’t using it and fold down so they can access their trunk.


The off-roaders

For the Jeep-driving, thrill-seeking biker in your life, we have the answer. You know your favorite people are already going pretty hard with the off-roading, so let them take their adventure to the next level by bringing their bikes where no measly car has gone before with the SR1 strap-on spare tire bike rack or the SR2 bold-on spare tire bike rack. The SR1 bike rack is easier and faster to install, while the SR2 bike rack is a little more heavy-duty, but both racks work with any car that has a spare tire and hold up to 2 bikes so they can even take you with them next time.



The all-around adventurers

When you want to make sure that your favorite people can take on any adventures that come their way, the F2 Over-the-Top Trunk Bike Rack is an easy choice. You can pick if you want the 2-bike rack or the 3-bike rack, and it’s super lightweight and easy to install, so you don’t have to worry about adding any stress to holiday biking (and biking the rest of the year, too).

It doesn’t matter if you’re treating yourself this holiday season or you’re checking off your holiday gift list for everyone else in your life, we want to hear what other gift ideas you have! Find us on Facebook and Instagram, and then get more biking tips and inspiration by signing up for our newsletter