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A bike rack carries your bike on the rear of your car, truck, SUV, or minivan. Easily find the best fork, frame, hitch, trunk mounted bike rack for you and your bikes no matter what type of car or bike you actually have. At Hollywood Racks we take in pride in manufacturing only the highest-quality bike racks fro cars, commercial outdoor bike racks and indoor bike storage racks for sale that are not only, extremely innovative, but also most durable and highly attractive in design in order to look good on your car, truck, SUV, or minivan. Hollywood Racks provides a large array of bicycle racks, bike parking, and bike storage racks to choose from and our rack experts are here to help any facility utilize the best bike rack to satisfy your parking requirements.

Get the perfect bike rack for your car

With a bike rack for cars from Hollywood Racks, you'll have the capacity to cycle on far off streets or bike a long way from home through wild territory. Hollywood's car bike racks come in various sorts and can be mounted on your trunk, hitch, towbar, or on your truck. In the event that you officially claim a rooftop rack, a rooftop bike rack could be the least difficult arrangement, however a trunk or hitch mounted rack is regularly less demanding to stack and empty and suits all bike sorts of all shapes and sizes.

As a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality and super durable bike racks for cars, Hollywood Racks knows what you need. Buy car bike racks for professional use, as well as for families to fit your exact needs and vehicle.

Safe, easy-to-use, and stylish car bike racks

The Hollywood bike rack for cars you purchase is completely tried to guarantee your well-being and the security of others out and about and also to shield your valuable bike from any harm and scratches. They are additionally simple to mount, frequently without devices, and in addition simple to use with even the back mounted bike rack for your car giving you access to the storage compartment. All things considered, you need to be rapidly out and about and in the seat so you can make the most of your energy. 

Tried in the field for your well-being 

Our car bike racks are tried broadly out and about, and off for testing car bike racks. Thu-sly, our items are secured by a Constrained guarantee period. So you can be certain that your bike rack for cars is capable – today and for some years to come.

Hitch Bike Racks

Hitch bike racks are simple to setup and extremely easy to use with the ability to carry upto 5 bikes at a time depending on the rack. These types of racks simply mount to the receiver hitch on the rear of your car, truck, suv, minivan, or hatchback.

Trunk Bike Racks

A Hollywood trunk bike rack is the perfect choice for transporting upto 3 bikes at a time on the rear of your car, especially if your vehicle does not have a towbar or hitch receiver installed. 

Truck bed bike racks

A Hollywood truck bed bike rack lets you transport and carry your bikes safely, and securely. Our bike rack experts will help you find the best rack for your needs.

Hollywood Racks offers the absolute best car bike racks and best bike hitch carriers for just about any vehicle you can think of. Our racks include, hitch bike racks, trunk bike racks, truck bed bike racks, and spare tire racks. Additionally, Hollywood Racks offers an extensive line of Bike Parking Racks and bike Stands to be used for your home, garage, wall or office. So, no matter what type of bike you have, Hollywood Racks has the best bike rack for your car or SUV to carry your bicycle on your vehicle with no hassles and peace of mind. Now you can drive safely knowing that your bicycle is now firmly secured and ready for transportation to and from your destination. Best Bike Racks Hitch Mounted Bike Racks are easy to install on just about any car, truck, van, or SUV that is equipped with a hitch receiver. Our hitch racks are made of top quality materials making them extremely durable and long lasting. Hollywood Rack's platform hitch racks hold the bikes in wheel trays and are secured with a high density soft foam pad clamping down on the bicycles top or down tube. Whether you need to carry two fat bikes, a trike and a bike or two recumbent bikes, our extensive line of platform hitch racks will provide a solution for almost anything you need to move. Our traditional style hitch racks or hanging arm hitch racks provide a quick simple solution allowing you to get to your destination safely and securely. These easy to use racks can carry anywhere from 2-5 bikes at a time, securing them with our soft rubber cradles and safety strap. Browse Hitch Bike Racks Since 1973, we have been making high quality trunk mounted bike racks, starting with the Original F1B. Our trunk racks have evolved since then in order to accommodate the newer cars that we see on the roads today. We now have a wide-ranging line of trunk racks to fit almost any sedan, hatchback, SUV or van. Whether you are driving a Prius or an Explorer, our trunk racks will get you where you need to go. Browse Trunk Bike Racks Spare Tire Bike Racks are easy to install on just any rear mounted tire (without a cover). We have geared up our Spare Tire Racks to get your bikes to any trail that you may encounter. Hollywood Rack's spare tire bike racks will safely carry up to two bikes. Browse Spare Tire Bike Racks

What is a Bicycle Rack?

A bike carrier, additionally regularly called a bike rack, is a gadget connected to a vehicle or transport for transporting bikes. Transport mounted bike carriers are generally connected to the front of the bus. They may flip up against the transport, off the beaten path, when not conveying any bikes. Car mounted bike carriers can be joined to the roof, rear trunk, or rear tow hitch, contingent upon the vehicle. Bikes might be mounted in the carriers by cinching the two haggles some extra vertical help, by clipping the rear haggle front dropouts (requiring the expulsion of the front wheel, which might be mounted independently on sharp edges), or by bracing the best tube (more often than not on account of rear hitch mounted carriers). There is a gadget accessible that interfaces from the stem to the seat post, to give a best tube proportional appropriate for mounting in these carriers for venture through casing bikes that don't have a best tube. Carriers that clasp on the front dropouts may likewise give an implicit locking component. Carriers have been created particularly for the rear of pickup trucks that connect either to the bed or its sides. Extraordinary long carriers have been created to help long-wheelbase recumbents and couples.

What is a Bike Parking Rack?

A bicycle parking rack, normally abbreviated to bike rack and furthermore called a bicycle stand, is a gadget to which bicycles can be securely joined for parking purposes. A bike rack might be unattached or it might be securely appended to the ground or some stationary question, for example, a building. Indoor bike racks are generally utilized for private bicycle parking, while open air bike racks are frequently utilized as a part of commercial ranges. General styles of racks incorporate the Reversed U, Serpentine, Bollard, Network, and Ornamental. The best and secure bike racks are those that can secure the two haggles casing of the bicycle, utilizing a bicycle bolt.

Bike racks can be developed from various distinctive materials. Strength, climate protection, appearance, and usefulness are critical factors of the material of the bike rack. Development materials incorporate stainless steel, steel, reused plastic, or thermoplastic. Every material has focal points and drawbacks, and each is one of a kind in appearance from the others.

The perceivability of the bike rack, satisfactory dispersing from vehicle parking and person on foot activity, climate scope, and closeness to goals are exceedingly vital elements deciding convenience of a bicycle rack. These components will help expand use of the bike rack, and guarantee cyclists their bike is securely parked.