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Travel in style with your bike in tow from Hollywood. Shop quality bike racks from Hitch, Trunk, and Tire racks for your car, suv or minivan. Buy the right bike rack for your needs. Shop hitch racks, trunk racks and spare tire racks, and transport 1 to 5 bikes safely to and from your favorite cycling destination. Find racks designed for Mountian Bikes, Electric Bikes, Fat Tire bikes and even Recumbent bikes and Trikes, with super easy load and unload and premium hitch features, so you can transport your bike with ease. Find the best racks in biking from Hollywood Racks. Transporting your bike is super easy with the right bike rack. Select a rack for your vehicle based on your vehicle make, model and year. Some racks carry bikes by the wheels, and some by the handle bars, without contacting the frame, fork or cable. Hitch racks are best for cars and vehicles equipped with a trailer hitch, and are great for use with SUVs, minivans and other vehicles with a trailer hitches. These racks can hold upto 5 bikes. These racks sit it the rear of your vehcle. Trunk racks attach to the back of your vehicle and are ideal for compact vehicles without a roof rack. These racks are easy to attach and detach and always make sure to check your vehicle's manual before installing a bike rack. Choose a bike rack with a heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel construction. Rubber and foam padding safeguard against scratches and scuffs to both your bike and your vehicle. Anti-sway cradles are a must-have for transporting multiple bikes. If you're carrying 2 or more bikes, it is best to secure the wheels of your bikes, with a bungee cord, or strap to prevent bumps. For more efficient storage, choose a rack designed to fold away from your vehicle, such as a platform hitch rack. Featured Categories

Featured Categories

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