Hollywood hitch bike racks are easy to install and use with the option to carry 1 to 5 bikes. Hollywood's all new 2018 platform style bike hitch racks and car bike racks come in different types and can be mounted on your tow hitch, towbar, or pick-up truck bed, rv or motorhome. Our bike trunk racks are perfect for just about any hatchback or bike roof racks.

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Jump expands e-bike experimental run program in LA

Jump expands e-bike experimental run program in LA

Jump expands e-bike experimental run program in Los Angeles, CA.

Last Thursday the SFMTA released its midpoint discoveries of JUMP's stationless e-bike program and gave the organization a green light to expand from 250 to 500 bikes.

In a Medium post published the same day, JUMP's Northern California General Manager Eddie Chen announced the expansion. "SFMTA's decision to expand our fleet to 500 bikes reflects both our constructive working relationship with San Francisco and the nearby demand for more JUMP bikes," Chen stated.

The extra bikes will hit the streets immediately. "Riders can expect to see 250 extra bikes on the streets beginning today," wrote Chen.

Bounce was selected in January as the main permitted organization in the experimental run program to operate its stationless e-bikes.

It was just four months into the experimental run program when JUMP was purchased by Uber. Only a few months later Lyft got in to the bikeshare game when it acquired Motivate, the parent organization of Ford GoBike.

A full evaluation is expected to be completed by March 31, 2019. At that time the SFMTA will make its recommendations for if and when JUMP will be allowed to permanently operate in the city.


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New bike racks to be introduced in New Orleans, LA

New bike racks to be introduced in New Orleans, LA

About 500 new bike racks to be introduced around the city City authorities say the bike racks will take three months to introduce and might be on the walkways or non-parking regions so as not to take up any parking spots.
What Electric Bike Rack is Best for a Motorhome

What Electric Bike Rack is Best for a Motorhome

What Electric Bike Rack is Best for a Motorhome?

If you have an RV or Motorhome and you you are like us, then most likely you have an Electric bike or eBike, that you would like to transport along with you on your next trip. Your best option, is to buy a platform style hitch rack, which would allow for safe and secure transport of your bike.

Did you know, most e-bikes make longer distances seem in reach. Did you know, from a recreational point of view, the eBike opens the door to a whole new world of activity. The eBike itself is by itself a fun way to get around. But what do you do when you need to transport your newfound form of transportation?

So, whether it's to get the bike home from the dealer, or to open up your biking world beyond what you can reach from your house, there are many times that riders want to put the bike on their car and is why you will need a platform hitch rack that can support your new ebike.

E-bikes are all the rage these days, then ever before. From electric-specific product lines, to an eBike conversion kit, pedaling with motorized power is showing no signs of slowing down. And we understand, which is why we went out to create the worlds best electric bike rack for any vehicle wth a hitch. The Hollywood Electric Bike Rack called the Sportrider for Electric Bikes.

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What Type of Car Rack is Best for My Bike

What Type of Car Rack is Best for My Bike

What Type of Car Rack is Best for My Bike

No matter if you're mountian biking or you're cycling on your new electric bike through a vinyard, there's a bike rack to help transport your bike safely to your destination wherever that might be.

The Hollywood Racks Fit Guide can give you direction on the best bike rack for your vehicle.

What type of bike do you have and How much does it weigh?

Should the bike frame come into contact with the bike rack?

Most bike owners have strong feelings about whether they are comfortable with a car rack touching the frame of their bicycle. That's why we offer bicycle carriers that cater to both persuasions: car racks that hold the bike by its frame, and racks that do not intend to hold the bike by its wheels.

Almost all bicycle carriers list the maximum bike weight in their specs, and for good reason: to protect you, your car, your bike and everyone traveling around you.

Here at Hollywood Racks our bike racks are divided into two weight classes:

1) car racks that can carry bikes up to 35 pounds.

2) car racks that can carry bikes up to 60 pounds.

The former is a collection of racks that hold bikes by the top tubes, either hanging style racks for trunk or hitch; while the latter applies to our entire family of platform hitch racks. Not sure how much your bike weighs? Most bikes fall under the 35-pound mark; while downhill bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes and eBikes.. minus the battery, of course, tend to be in the 60-pound range. All right, now that you've figured out your options by frame contact and bike weight, let's find the best car rack for your bike.

Lighter is better, is the cyclists mantra.. and that is why carbon fiber frames have become the frame material of choice, among the racing teams. It's lighter of course, and it absorbs vibrations better and basically makes you feel like you're riding a cloud. A really, really fast cloud. For these carbon set-ups, there's no better choice than a platform rack. This hitch rack will never come into contact with the frame of the bike, as it transports the bike by holding the front and rear wheel with dual shepard's hooks. Moreover, the wheel tray has a special groove designed to specifically cradle a skinny tire.This configuration just so happens to be the most secure way to haul your prized cycle.

For those steel roadsters and those aluminum frames, of course a trunk rack is best. A trunk rack is designed to the hilt with sleek lines, an internal strap management system, and integrated locks that secure bike to rack and rack to car to help deter from theft. The best bicycle carrier for mountain bikes depends on your specific ride. Most mountain bikes come in around the 35-pounds or so, With this in mind, we recommend a platform style bike rack for your mountain bike. The rack holds the bikes by both wheels plus downtube, and accommodates any combination of bike sizes.

Platform racks securely hold the bikes by their wheels, and tires up to 4 inches wide. With folding capabilities to garner hatch access and the load speed, the bike racks will transport your bikes safely to your destination. When it comes to electric bikes there is one option and that is a platform style hitch rack. Our platform style racks, are best for hauling two bikes, which makes laoding them a sniche.

For most all size kid's bikes, a Hitch Rack is the perfect rack for families on the go. The adjustable arms help fit anywhere from 2 to 4 and even 5 or 6 bikes, depending on your need and easily transport the range of bikes that accompany childhood growth. Plus, Hitch racks are some the lightest hitch racks around and super easy to install when even your hands are full with other things.


Best Mountain Bike Trails near Los Angeles, California

Best Mountain Bike Trails near Los Angeles, California

Best Mountian Bike Trails in or near Los Angeles, California:


7th Street Hacienda Heights Intermediate bike trail
Arroyo Seco Pasadena Intermediate bike trail
Backbone Trail Malibu Beginner bike trail
Backbone Trail Topanga to Will Rogers Malibu Intermediate bike trail
Betty Dearing Trail Studio City Beginner bike trail
Brown Mountain Altadena Beginner bike trail
Caballero Canyon Trail Encino Intermediate bike trail
Chantry Flats Sierra Madre Intermediate bike trail
Chilao Silver Moccasin Pasadena Intermediate bike trail
Chino Hills State Park Brea Beginner bike trail
Crystal Cove State Park Laguna Beach Beginner bike trail
Del Cerro Park Rancho Palos Verdes Intermediate bike trail
Echo Mountain Loop Altadena Advanced bike trail
El Prieto Altadena Advanced bike trail
Fairview Park Costa Mesa Easiest bike trail
Fullerton Loop Fullerton Beginner bike trail
Gabrielino Trail Los Angeles Advanced bike trail
Hahamongna Watershed Park Altadena Beginner bike trail
Harbor Park Wilmington Easiest bike trail
Heli Pad Shortcut Arcadia Advanced bike trail
Kenter Whoops Los Angeles
La Tuna Canyon Tujunga sunland Intermediate bike trail
Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Laguna Beach Intermediate bike trail
Lower Winter Creek Arcadia Advanced bike trail
Mount Lowe Railway Pasadena Intermediate bike trail
Mount Wilson Toll Road Pasadena Intermediate bike trail
Mount Wilson Trail Pasadena Intermediate bike trail
Nike Site 29 Whittier Hills Whittier Intermediate bike trail
Peter F Schabarum Regional Park Rowland Heights Intermediate bike trail
Portuguese Bend Nature Reserve Palos Verdes Peninsula Beginner bike trail
Sam Merril Pasadena Advanced bike trail
Santa Fe DamIrwindale Beginner bike trail
Santiago Oaks Orange Intermediate bike trail
Sepulveda Dam Van Nuys
Skyline Trail Los Angeles Intermediate bike trail
Stough Canyon Burbank
Strawberry Peak La Canada Flintridge
Sunset Trail Pasadena Intermediate bike trail
Turnbull Canyon Whittier Intermediate bike trail
Upper Santa Anita Canyon Road Arcadia Beginner bike trail
Upper Winter Creek Arcadia Intermediate bike trail
Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park Lake Forest

What you need to know about Electric Bikes

What you need to know about Electric Bikes

The newest bicycles are the red electrical bikes you may have seen scattered throughout the Sacramento, West Sacramento, and Davis areas in the last two weeks.

JUMP Bikes recently brought 300 e-bikes to Sacramento, and is expected to bring 600 more within the next few months.

“if you're like a lot of the young working professionals in Sacramento, it’s more realistic to ride around in these if you're wearing a suit or if you're on your way to work because it's not the same amount of work that you get with a normal bike,” said Austin Heyworth, Uber’s Public Affairs Manager.

Uber recently purchased JUMP bikes, so when you open the Uber app, you can also see where the nearest e-bike is located.

Once you’re done using it, you can return it to any bike rack or bike station within a certain zone on the app's map.

“Because of the lock-to technology that needs to be locked to public infrastructure, you're never going to see these bikes left in the middle of sidewalks, or abandoned in the middle of the streets,” Heyworth said.

While some users have locked the e-bikes to meters and parking signs, Heyworth says the community is encouraged to always leave it at a bike rack.

“We have a team at JUMP that goes around and will help relocate the bikes every day. They take care of issues like if the bike is low on battery because these things need to be charged” Heyworth added. “If trash is left in them, we have a quality control team that is trying to address these kinds of issues in real time.”

Adam Silver works in Downtown Sacramento and has been riding a JUMP bike to go to the gym during his lunch break all week. The motor kicks in, so you don’t really sweat.”

Silver lives in the Pocket area and said he would like to see more bikes stationed near him so he can commute to work.

“If they came with a helmet, I think I’d feel a little bit better, but Sacramento is pretty bike friendly,” Silver said.